• Keley Johnson

Our Like Minds

Thanks for joining me! As my life gets crazy in a good way, I wanted a place to document the journey and keep track of what I am thinking and feeling as I make my wildest dreams come true. I hope you will come with me!

The quote below reminds me of my little sister Cynthia. She is my biggest supporter and now my business partner I am so very blessed to have had her along on the best journeys I have taken in this life. She just finished a grueling surgery to treat Breast Cancer (she is only 39), had chemo and radiation treatment and has come out on the other side as strong and beautiful as ever. We are now co-founders of Our Like Minds, the business development, design and consulting firm behind Caribbean Heritage Magazine among others. Having her by my side and on her way to good health definitely makes this journey so much sweeter. So like she says…Let’s get it!

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