• Keley Johnson

First Post

So my first post is gonna be mad random but that’s ok cause my life is kinda random too.

The things that have happened to me and are continuing to happen are the things dreams are made of! When I am old and grey I will definitely have a story to tell my grandchildren. I truly believe the greatest of the things going on in my life is due to the things I have done to help others.

Now don’t get me wrong, hear me out. This is not a brag on myself post. I am simply saying the contacts I have made and the things that are happening in my life are directly related to my small acts of kindness, returning the favors given to me, a willingness to help and being open to meet, talk, and assist with advice and ideas on the things I know about creatively and as it relates to marketing and business. Just being a resource makes others think of you when special projects fall in their laps. When a colleague is starting a business or a creative endeavor you pop into mind. This how things work. There is more to that old adage “It’s not what you know but who you know”. It is about who you know, but the how and why you know them is the key! That is all…for now. I will share all the crazy-wonderful happenings when it is the right time. 


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