• Keley Johnson

Started From The Bottom...

It is a strange thing being introduced to a business that exposes you to many things and people you never thought you would ever meet in real life. My sister and I were seat-fillers back in the day and we briefly met some people we could not have imagined we would. We met Danny Glover and Montell Jordan (well by meeting, I mean being told “This is my seat” and moving to the next empty seat as instructed) Ervin “Magic” Johnson and others. I called out to Toni Braxton at a red carpet event and she responded to me. I burst into tears when I Annie Lennox arrived for a televised Clive Davis event and played and sung “Why” alone on stage with only a piano! We sat behind Bobby and Whitney. We watched Santana play guitar and The Product G&P perform and then come down and sing and play right next to us in the audience. We have seen some of the most intimate musical performances ever from Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, and the great Luther Vandross. We watched Method Man knock down some pins on MTV’s celebrity bowling show and we saw Patti Labelle take off her shoes to sing and lose her toe ring in the audience (the show was paused to find it, it was given to her by a loved one). We sat close enough to Chaka Khan to see her beautiful freckles. We were over the moon and felt very lucky that we had these experiences. Many of the artists we had the honor to see perform live are no longer with us.

We would have never imagined we would get the chance to work in an industry where we can continue to be inspired and inspire, this time by Caribbean people and friends who are helping their islands, countries, communities and changing the world! Who would have thought that when we arrived at the Caribbean Heritage Organization Awards Gala two years ago our offers to help and the generosity of our friend and business partner would bring us face to face with Lisa Raye, Gwendolyn Smith, LifeYard, Pras Mitchell, Anna Maria Horsford, Grace Byers, Bob Marley’s daughter Karen,his grandchildren and more while DJ Willy Wonka kept us all dancing long into the night! Seeing the logos of our recently established businesses in the background of these photos was the icing on the cake and had us both on cloud nine. Now it appears we have many more memories like these to make!

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